The Korea Policy Institute Readers

The Korea Policy Institute readers are free downloadable resources for classrooms, study groups, and individuals seeking critical context to the unfolding situation on the Korean peninsula. These compilations feature articles from leading analysts, journalists, and scholars in the United States, Asia, and the Pacific.

The Korea Policy Institute Readers

Seeking Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Korea Policy Institute Reader, 2020

Section 1: The Continuing Korean War

Section 2: The Costs of U.S. Sanctions on North Korea 

Section 3: Trump's North Korea Legacy: Failed U.S.-DPRK Summits 

Section 4: Time for a People's Policy Toward Korea 

View and download the free 2020 KPI reader here.  

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US Policy and Korea 

Korea Policy Institute Reader, 2018

Section 1: The Unending Korean War

Section 2: U.S. Foreign Policy Towards North Korea

Section 3: South Korea: The Democratic Struggle

Section 4: Voices for Peace

Section 5: A Hopeful Start to an Era of Peace

View and download the free 2018 KPI reader here


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