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The Korea Policy Institute 

Mission and History 

Founded in 2005, the Korea Policy Institute (KPI) is an independent research and educational institute. Through its website, e-newsletters, policy briefs, educational forums, and sponsorship of conferences, film screenings and public presentations, KPI works to increase popular awareness and understanding of developments on the Korean peninsula and to promote well-informed U.S. policies toward Korea.

Policy institutes often work in isolation from communities and are disconnected from broader social movements. KPI was founded as a partnership among Korean American community advocates, policy professionals, and academics. In the make-up of its executive board, and in the connections it has to other organizations, KPI places itself within a broad-based movement for peace and social justice. KPI keeps in close contact with a national network of Korean American community organizations, has built transnational bridges with social justice organizations in South Korea, and maintains ties with key organizations and individuals conducting humanitarian and development work in North Korea. 

In the interest of promoting friendship between the peoples of the United States and Korea, KPI’s work is guided by the premise that a reasonable U.S. policy towards Korea must be supportive of the legitimate desires of the Korean people for peace, sovereignty, reconciliation, and the reunification of Korea.

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