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“Founded in 2005, the Korea Policy Institute (KPI) is an independent research and educational institute. Through its website, e-newsletters, policy briefs, educational forums, and sponsorship of conferences, film screenings and public presentations, KPI works to increase popular awareness and understanding of developments on the Korean peninsula and to promote well-informed U.S. policies toward Korea.”        

- Mission Statement

The Korea Policy Institute and its programs are funded in part by private contributions from foundations and individual contributions.

As a non-profit organization, as determined by the IRS under code 501(c)3, and a registered California State Charity, Korea Policy Institute accepts donations, contributions and gifts which are tax deductible to the fullest extent permissible by law.

Those interested in making contributions to Korea Policy Institute are welcome to contact us at


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By mail, send a check payable to Korea Policy Institute to:

Korea Policy Institute

P.O. Box 2281

Berkeley, CA 94702

Read our 2023 Annual Fundraising Letter here.

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